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Contoh RPP Bahasa Inggris


School : SMKN 1 Puruk Cahu
Subject : English
Class/Semester : XII PS B/ 1
Competency Standard : Be able to communicate in English on the
Intermediate Level.
Basic Competency : Make Passive Voice
Indicator : Change active voice in passive voice.
Language Skill : Grammar
Time Allocation : 2 x 39 minutes
Theme : Passive Voice
Meeting : 3rd/third

Objective : At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to change active voice into passive voice in form present tense, past tense, simple future, continuous tense (positive sentence).
Instructional Material :

- Form of passive voice

S + to be + Past participle (VIII)


Simple Present Active : Ahmad cleans the classroom.
Passive: The classroom is cleaned by Ahmad.(him)

Past Present Active : Ahmad cleaned the classroom.
Passive: The classroom was cleaned by Ahmad.(him)

Present Perfect Active : Ahmad has cleaned the classroom.
Passive : The classroom has been cleaned by Ahmad.(him)

Present Future Active : Ahmad will clean the classroom.
Passive : The classroom will be cleaned by Ahmad.(him)

Present Continuous Active : Ahmad is cleaning the classroom.
Passive : The classroom is being cleaned by Ahmad.(him)

Past Continuous Active : Ahmad was cleaning the classroom.
Passive : The classroom was being cleaned by Ahmad.(him)

Method of Teaching : Three Phases Technique

Teaching and Learning Activity:

Pre-activity (5’)

Stand up, please
Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.
Good Morning, Class.
How do you do?
Sit down, please.
Take a Praying
Ok. Class.
Before we are going to start our lesson today.
Let’s pray according to our respective faith.
Checking attendance
Now, let’s check your register.
Who is missing?
Good Class, Thank you.

Giving Motivate

I have questions for you.
Had you learnt about “awalan me- and di-” in Indonesian.
What we called it?
Yes, we called it Kalimat aktif and Kalimat Pasif.
But in English we called it is Active Voice and Passive Voice.
Telling the topic
So, today we are talking about passive voice.
At the end of the lesson I hope you can change active voice in passive voice.

Look at the caption!

When rewriting active sentences in passive voice, note the following:
- The object of the active sentences becomes the subject of passive voice.
- The subject of the active sentences becomes the object of passive voice.
- The finite form of the verb is changed (to be + past participle)

Do you understand?
Ok class. I have a game for you.
I have two kinds of card. In yellow cards there are some active voices, and in orange card there are some passive voices.
So, you must match active voice with passive voice.
I will divide you in two groups.
And work in your group.
I give you 5 minutes to match it.
I have surprise for the winner.
Is it clear?
Are you ready to play this game?

Role Play: The students make match active voice of yellow cards in passive of orange cards in groups.

Post-activity (30’)
Guides the students to conclude the lesson by asking questions
Ok class, what have we learnt today?
Good, what is passive voice?
All right. And what is the form of passive voice?
That’s good. You are smart students.

Well students. Now as your assignment, change active voice in passive
voice. I give you 15 minutes for work it.
Collect your answer.
Let’s correct it together.
No. 1 please. And write your answer on the blackboard. (until no.10)

Time is over. Don’t forget study at home. Always practice to speak English.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. But we must learn from it.
Thank you for your attention and participation today, see you next week.
Wassalamualikum Wr. Wb.

Source : a. English Grammar by John S. Hartanto; Drs. S. Koentjoro; Drs. Manaf Asmoro Seputro. Penerbit Indah Surabaya.
b. Up To Date English Grammar by Khadiza Suono.
Penerbit Setia Kawan, Jakarta.

Media : Caption and Cards of Paper
Evaluation : Written test
Scoring : 20-100

Scoring guidance:
 setiap jawaban yang benar bernilai 10

a. Skor minimal : 10
b. Skor maksimal : 100

Skor = Jawaban benar x 10

Name :
Class :
Day& date :

Signature : ¬¬ _____________

A. Change the active voice below into passive voice form.

1. He helps you to clean your room. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2. We made cake yesterday. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3. I will lend a book tomorrow. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

4. I am finishing my work now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5. They have done your homework. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6. I was waiting my uncle. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

B. Make passive voice based on this sentence into four tenses below.

 He eats rice in my home.

1. ________________________________________ ( Simple Past tense)

2. ________________________________________ ( Simple Future tense)

3. ________________________________________ ( Simple Perfect tense)

4. ________________________________________ ( Simple Present Continuous )

Answer keys:

A. 1. You are helped by him to clean your room.
2. Cake was made by us yesterday.
3. A book will be lent by me tomorrow.
4. My work is being finished by me now.
5. Your homework has been done by them.
6. My uncle was being waited by me.

B. 1. He was ate rice at my home.
2. He will be ate rice at my home.
3. He has been ate rice at my home.
4. He is being ate rice at my home.


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