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The Epidemic of Swine Flu

After bird influenza h5n1 peter with more the awarder society about danger and manner prevent it now is appearing again variant new virus also being caused mutation consequence that in pig animal body, which this virus has variant new with kind h1n1. Swine flu respiration disease spreaded pig. Caused by influenza type a, this disease epidemic is in routine pig happens with tall case level but seldom is fatal. This disease is inclined epidemic at spring and winter but the cycle during the year. There many swine flu kinds and like influenza in this disease human constantly changes, like classic influenza kind and Mexico influenza very guarded by who, which indications much the same to like influenza usually.

This swine flu indication resembles to like influenza disease in general. Fever body, as a tired, there is no desires eats and also coughs. Besides to suffer from will experience ill throat, slimy nose, vomits up to diarrhea. If you experience this phenomenon, be really live change to avoid infection to another person. Call doctor to ask instruction, and don't until you visit well-being clinic or even hospital not yet be known clearly what can handle pig influenza.
In order to be known, virus h1n1 consist of several kinds. There that causes
Spain influenza (1918-1920), there that called" classic type" - go around in Indonesia since long time, but not dangerous. There also" Mexico type”. This type being guarded by world society. World well-being body (who) reports, this type virus scattered to 1.324 people at Mexico. As much as 81 people among others died. Worry about, this virus scattered to whole world (are pandemics), as does Spain influenza. H1N1 is a subtype of the species influenza A virus. The “H” refers to the hemagglutinin protein, and the “N” refers to the neuraminidase protein. H1N1 has mutated into various strains including the Spanish Flu strain (now extinct in the wild), mild human flu strains, endemic pig strains, and various strains found in birds. A variant of H1N1 was responsible for the Spanish flu pandemic that killed some 50 million to 100 million people worldwide from 1918 to 1919. A different variant exists in pig populations. Low pathogenic H1N1 strains still exist in the wild today, causing roughly half of all flu infections in 2006. When the 1918 virus was compared with human flu viruses in 2005, it was noticed that it had alterations in just 25 to 30 of the 4,400 amino acids in the virus. These changes were enough to turn a bird virus into a version that was human-transmissible.
America government says two medicines commonly use to cure influenza, tamiflu and relenza, apparently effective in overcome cases that so far. Existing influenza vaccine effectiveness unclear in protects human from this new virus, because according to genetic differ from influenza kind other. America scientist has developed one new vaccine, but need time to complete it and also produce in number last for fulfill request. In comparison with bird influenza, influenza h1n1 really belong disease" less dangerous”. But that worry about, distribution influenza h1n1 very fast, during one month, thousands Mexican is spreaded this disease. To retard this disease distribution, Mexico government asks the member to not out house. If cannot help out, member is asked to wear nose casing (mask). Also asked to not mutual kiss cheek or to shake hand in the time being. Various general place (likes museum, school, club house, sport building) also closed.
This swine flu phenomenon resembles to like influenza disease in general. Fever body, as a tired, there is no desire eats and vomits, even up to diarrhea. In epidemic now happen is disease that unclear contagious from human to human. Swine flu phenomenon in human apparently similar to human seasonal influenza indications. For us self, best always observant and watch over well-being. Enclosing nose and mouth if sneeze, wash hand wears soap after activities, and soon investigate self to doctor if experience influenza phenomenon (fever, cough, cold, weary, tired, throat pain, asphyxia, sick, vomits, and diarrhea).

The Epidemic of Swine Flu

I.   The symptoms of swine flu are painful.
      A. Fever
      B. Inflammation
      C. Weak
II.  Kinds of swine flu.
A.    Classic
B.     Mexico
III. Swine flu prevention effort.
A.    Medicine
B.     Observant


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