Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Contoh Argumentative Essay

Today, it is unbeatable that everyone hopes that their children become intellectual and professional when they leave their school. However their expectation is not always easily realized as there are many students creating trouble in their class that upset their colleges, teachers and parents. This can be seen that there are so many experts recommend separating them or even expelling them from their school. It is believed if the school should not be expelling every naughty student from their school. This will be proven by analyzing the student is listless and being disruptive that make them expelled from school.

Firstly, the student is listless because they are feeling too stupid to learn. Take mathematic, for instance. When looking this example, there is no doubt that they will be naughty student because learning and doing school assignments is too much hurt and burdens. So they feel better while they disturbing their peers in order to show their entity. From this it can be concluded that the student needs help by giving them the tools to change and refute his distorted beliefs and at the end, reduce their deficits.

After analyzing the areas of the students are listless and disruptive. It is now been shown that the school cannot expel the students without analyzing why they are doing like that. It is expected that the school should know the students’ problem first before expel the students.


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