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     This blog is a personal blog that contains personal opinion and the opinion and there is no connection directly or indirectly with a firm capitalist, socialist or communist as well as the institution or any organization let alone the illegal organization of the PKI and the like;
     This blog does not intend to show something, pictures and such pornographic connotations with all its forms, hatred of the person or group of people, things that are provocative and sara that threaten national unity,
     For those readers who do not agree with what is written in my blog, welcome to pour his dissent, objected, feeling irritable, swearing, insults and anger with properly. But I really hope the maturity of thought, speech and action to address differences of opinion with discussions and komunnikasi in male and female;
      The whole article in Science Blog Nyalan protected by law, intellectual property rights, and the DMCA. Republikasi all material on Science Blog Nyalan permitted with credit (URL) is a complete original.
     This blog is allowed to comment either in the form of praise, insults and curses, but I can not be held responsible for any comments with all that stuff is written by readers. So please the visitor is responsible for each of the comments given. And if there are comments that offend others, then I, if able and willing, help to show who gave the comment;
       If my blog there are quotations or references from other sources, it is solely to facilitate the presentation of writing and I am not responsible for the content of these quotations and remain the responsibility of the source that I quoted it;
      I apologize for any inconvenience or service I read in preparing this blog, I hope your generosity and willingness to take time, will receive unparalleled pleasure that the authorities also memberikannya.Demikian I will forgive all the mistakes and the brashness of the visitors who used to be, now and will come if there is, whether requested or not, directly or indirectly.
     Hopefully in the future, the existence of this blog with all its contents are not to be the case and the demands of both civil and criminal law so that life becomes comfortable, safe and prosperous.

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