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Prepositions and Conjuctions of Time - before / after / as soon as

Before digunakan untuk sesuatu yang terjadi sebelum waktu tertentu. Contoh:
  • We should finish this exercise before 4.00.
  • I need to buy a present before James comes.
  • Before starting any business, it’s a good idea to write a business plan.
Perhatikan bahwa apabila sebuah preposisi diikuti oleh kata kerja, kata kerja tersebut harus berakhiran -ing. Contoh:

  • Where did you live before coming to America? Benar
  • Where did you live before to come to America? Tidak benar
After digunakan untuk sesuatu yang terjadi setelah waktu tertentu. Contoh:
  • I’ll see you after work.
  • Camilla won’t be home until after midnight.
  • David got promoted after just two years with the company.
As yang menunjukkan waktu
As digunakan apabila dua tindakan singkat terjadi bersamaan. Contoh:
  • I dropped my keys as I left my apartment.
As juga digunakan apabila dua tindakan lama terjadi bersamaan. Contoh:
  • His health improved as he exercised more.
  • As time went by his English got better.
As juga digunakan apabila sebuah tindakan terjadi selama berlangsungnya situasi utama. Contoh:
  • I woke up as the sun was rising.
  • She arrived as you were leaving.
As sebagai alasan
As sering digunakan untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang merupakan penyebab sesuatu lainnya, seperti kata “because” . Contoh:
  • I’m going to bed early as I have to get up early tomorrow.
  • As we’re not busy, let’s meet this afternoon for lunch.
As soon as
As soon as digunakan apabila sesuatu langsung terjadi/dilakukan setelah kejadian lainnya. Contoh:
  • I’ll give you a call as soon as I’m finished.
  • As soon as they go out let’s eat lunch.
  • We’ll send payment as soon as you fax the signed contract.


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