Kamis, 04 Maret 2010

Story’s Appreciation

Story’s Appreciation

1. Title / genre : 2012 / novel
2. Author / director : Roland Emmerich
3. Theme : Legend
4. Setting : AS, Vancouver
5. Plot : forward flow
6. Characterization :
Main character : John Cusack as Jackson Curtis
Amanda Peet as Kate
Supporting character : Chiwetel Ejiofor as Adrian Helmsey
Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost
7. Summary / synopsis :
In the year 2012, mankind began to panic due to a series of natural disasters that can bring the world to the brink of destruction, ranging from meteor showers, volcanic eruptions, until the tsunami waves that swallowed the Himalayas. This is based on the prediction by the Mayans end. Highly accurate Mayan calendar in the calculation.
8. Message : So we kept close to God.


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