Jumat, 19 Maret 2010

Writing Good Test and Interpreting the Test Results

Language performance can be evaluated by using objective and subjective types of test. Before writing any test the first using to do is to make a table of specification which summarize what type of sill is going to be measure the technique of measurement, aspect to be measured, kinds of item and method of scoring. After this, and considering the previous table of specification final table can be made. In accordance with the technical guide of the implementation of 1994 English curriculum this table should contain language skill to be evaluated, themes, information about this theme class, indicator showing the desired achievement, number of item the form of the item and the item number. In this unit some technique of writing tests have been presented such as how to write objective tests, comprehension tests, listening comprehension tests, reading comprehension tests, writing and speaking tests, and vocabulary tests.

Finally the statistical techniques of interpreting test scores have been discussed these included making table of frequency and ranking the scores, to get meaningful interpretation of the scores. Besides some formulas are presented to find the mean of the scores and the standard deviation of the scores. The concept of mode and median, as well as the concept of normal curve have also be presented which can be used to compare individual scores with the score of students as a whole.


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