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Contoh Proposal Research

The Students Problems in Using Preposition of Time

I. Introduction
In learning English, we know there are some aspects of the skills which one of they are the structures. In the study we also studied the structures preposition. Preposition no longer divided. One is the preposition of time. And in this study I will investigate about preposition of time. This is very interesting for me. In conducting a preliminary study, it was still a lot of students in second semester who still have not mastered the preposition of time.
In the preposition, is still divided into several sections. One is the preposition that I took as a matter to be investigated. In using the correct preposition of time of course there are some rules or way of life. Prepositions of time shows the time of occurrence of something. Example: "I get up at 7:00" indicates the time when I wake up. Some time the most common prepositions are: in, on, at, from, to.
However, based on preliminary studies which I have done on the problem is, there are mistakes in the use and placement of preposition of time.
The purpose of this study was to describe the mastery of the preposition of time and find out the problem on the second semester students STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin years 2010-2011.

II. Research Method
A. Research Location
The research location is at STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin. It is Located on Jl. Sultan Adam Komplek H. Iyus no. 18 Banjarmasin.
B. Research Design
The design was a descriptive qualitative research in which researchers tries to explain the problems faced by students in using the Preposition of Time in STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin.
C. The Procedure of Data Collection
1. Data Source
Data is the way students understand or use the preposition of Time. Data source is the student / student two semesters to STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin.
2. Research Instrument
The research instrument was a questionnaire. Questionnaires given to students to know how far they understand or control of the lesson Preposition of Time as part of the grammar (structures).
3. Data Collection Techniques
Data collected through observation, questionnaires and interviews.
a. Observation
Observations used to obtain data about students' difficulties in dealing how to form sentences using the Preposition of Time.
b. Questionnaire
Questionnaires used to supplement data obtained through observation. In the questionnaire, there are twenty questions to be answered by students.
c. Interview
This interview is used to supplement data obtained through observation and questionnaires. Interviews addressed to the second semester students who have taken courses Structures II.
4. Research Population
Subjects were all students of semester two in Banjarmasin PGRI STKIP 2009-2010 academic year. There are four classes of two classes in the morning and two afternoon classes. And data obtained from the sample, there were 64 students who are recorded.
D. Technique of Data Analysis
All data collected were analyzed qualitatively. Results of questionnaires and interviews were analyzed in three stages, editing, interpreting and making conclusions. From the above conclusions, obtained descriptions of the students in understanding the preposition of Time on the second semester students STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin 2009-1010 academic year.


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